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Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware was founded in 2009 by Cynthia and her daughter Esmé. 


The background was that Cynthia was not satisfied with the baking pans that were available on the German market. Either they were coated, rusted, promised "faster baking" or other stories. Cynthia and Esmé just wanted good baking pans. 


So they began to imagine the perfect baking pans. They should be rust-free, have good heat distribution and they should also be uncoated. They also attached great importance to how and where they were manufactured. 


In England they found a manufacturer who could implement their vision.
A second-generation family business that manufactures baking pans from anodized aluminum.
A visit to the manufactory and they were convinced: this is where the Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware bakeware should be produced. 


In the meantime, the baking pans have become indispensable
in the professional kitchens of many restaurants and in thousands of households. 


Starting with a small first collection of baking pans,
a complete range of baking pans with kitchen utensils and textiles has grown over the last few years.


In September 2024 we are celebrating our 15th anniversary.


We are very proud of this accomplishment and hope that you will be there in September when we celebrate this milestone.

Nudelholz II (1).jpg


The rolling pin fulfills what it promises. A roller that lies well in the hand and easily shapes the dough into a smooth shape.


In addition, always an eye-catcher in the kitchen, because some consider it a piece of sports equipment.

Multisize Form IV.jpg



After thinking for a long time whether I need this form (the price is already very high), I decided to buy it and I am very satisfied.


I already own a few pans, this one is just as good as the existing ones. All you need is a good recipe, a bit of imagination and you get a perfect baking result.


I can only recommend this type of baking pans because, in my experience, it clearly stands out from the competition. It probably won't be my last. :-)



I have used these measuring spoons for years. Indispensable in the kitchen, be it for baking or cooking.


And after all these years, they still look brand new! Class!


By the way, also a great gift idea for people who already have almost everything, so I was able to distribute a lot of joy. ;)


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